Turkey Neck

ALways staring down at a computer can cause that unwanted Turkey Neck and those saggy jowls! If you’re staring down then neck muscles tend to go saggy and shorten causing you to have that second neck look. Cosmetic surgeons report many executive types who work in offices have this issue. Try to keep your computer screen at eye level to prevent yourself from looking down for long extended periods of time to prevent that turkey neck from rearing it’s ugly head!

No one likes having any part of their body compared to a turkey and this is understandable. Some people do not have these poultry body parts but usually everyone understands what someone is referring to when they use the terms, “chicken skin”, “chicken legs”, and “turkey neck”.  Furthermore, the most common problem that people experience poultry wise is turkey neck. This is referring to the area under the neck that is very disturbing to look at. However, as people age their skin can sag and become lose resulting in “turkey neck”.

Who is At Risk of Turkey Neck?

Anyone who is aging is at risk of developing turkey neck. This is because as our bodies age we lose the elasticity in our skin. Not to mention the fact that if an older person loses weight it really causes their turkey neck to stand out.  So, if you are experiencing this problem it is something totally normal and it could happen to anyone. Celebrities usually get rid of theirs with invasive cosmetic surgery but there are other ways to handle this problem as well.

Turkey Neck Exercises

Many people that have a double chin want to get rid of it but they know that the road ahead of them is not going to be easy at all. However, it is possible to reduce the appearance and this article explains how a double chin forms and ways that you can reduce the appearance of it – if not rid yourself of it completely – without having to spend money on expensive surgeries such as liposuction…read more

Turkey Neck Creams

To those experiencing the problem it may seem that it is impossible to prevent or get rid of turkey neck, yet there are ways that you can minimize and prevent turkey neck. There are three major steps that you can take and they all are very easy. First, there is the option of exercising. Aerobics and yoga are two favorites among the elderly. Second, you can drink more water. The more water you take in the healthier your skin will become. Third, make sure you maintain your.. read more

Turkey Neck surgury

turkey neck surgeryAre you trying to make people believe that you have lost a lot of weight when you haven’t? If so you may want to consider undergoing a neck lift. Many time people do not even notice your neck has been surgically altered. However, usually your neck is going to get older before your face does but Father Time is not always the one to blame. If you have recently lost weight your neck may be lacking behind. Sometimes it is something that has…read more