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Turkey Neck Exercises

Many people that have a double chin want to get rid of it but they know that the road ahead of them is not going to be easy at all. However, it is possible to reduce the appearance and this article explains how a double chin forms and ways that you can reduce the appearance of it – if not rid yourself of it completely – without having to spend money on expensive surgeries such as liposuction.

Turkey Neck Causes: - There are three main reasons that people develop the ol turkey neck – the flap of skin that loosely hangs behind your neck and chin that appears as though you have a turkey neck. The main causes are genetics, caloric intakes, and facial muscles that sag over time. If you have developed your double chin because of a genetic reason there is nothing you can do to prevent it but for the last two you can change your diet and also do facial exercises.

Diet and Exercise: The main thing that you can do when you are trying to prevent or get rid of a turkey neck is to be careful about what foods you consume. If you find out that you are over the suggested limit of fat intake recommended for daily usage you will definitely want to make appropriate changes to your diet. Another alternative you have that may or may not work is to lose weight.

Additionally, to changing your diet you will also want to insure that you are exercises. However, you do not have to limit yourself to facial exercises other excises help out a lot as well. Not to mention the fact that your posture plays an important role as well.

Turkey NeckExercises to consider:

1. Open your mouth as wide as possible and pull your bottom lip over your lower teeth. Simultaneously, open and close your mouth.
2. Open your mouth as wide as possible and keep it open for at least 10 seconds. Relax your jaw and then repeat for a couple of times. Once you have become comfortable with this exercise you will want to try adding a tennis ball under your chin.
3. Place one of your hands on your forehead and push your head forward for 10 seconds and repeat.
4. Look towards the sky, pucker your lips and kiss upwards.
5. Chew chewing gum.

To receive the best results you will want to do 10 to 20 sets of each on a daily basis.